The Crew

The KARPO Crew is made of passionate undisputable sailing enthusiasts, who are successful in what they do both privately and professionally.

They have all contributed to KARPO’s success in the past and are eager to improve their performance in the future.

They are all extremely interesting personalities with a wealth of experience.

Dušan Ušeničnik

Skipper, Coach Helmsman & Tactician

The Father of KARPO. Entrepreneur, developer of electronics, who besides sailing enjoys skiing, hiking and playing the guitar.

Tadej Ušeničnik

Mainsail Trimmer

Student of International Business Masters Program at University of Ljubljana.

Likes skiing, jogging, hiking, backpacking, free climbing and enjoys computer games, good books, music and movies.

Gregor Štefe

Mainsail Trimmer, Tactician

Owner of a cottage and boarding house. Former tennis player and cross country skier.
Makes the best pancakes in the world, enjoys country life with his family and working outdoors.
During the winter he carries out voluntary work taking care of the ski slopes of the Stari Vrh resort.

Oton Hafner

JiB & Spinnaker Trimmer, Helmsman

Mechanical Engineer, works at a Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Likes playing chess, riding heavy bikes and participates in extreme adventures. Oton crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2015.

Aleš Hafner

JiB & Spinnaker Trimmer, Tactician

Architect. Specializes in the restoration of castles and old buildings.

Traveler and adventurer. Enjoys reading good books and likes all types of sports, including skiing, snowboarding, cycling, windsurfing, playing squash and tennis.

Matjaž Beguš

JiB & Spinnacker Trimmer

Mechanical Engineer and Florist. Multiple Slovenian national champion in floristry, climber and mountain rescuer. Enjoys working outdoors, hiking and cycling.

Responsible for preparation and maintenance of Karpo’s hull.

Mitja Herak

JiB & Spinnacker Trimmer

Project manager at City Municipality of Kranj.

Mitja enjoys skiing and also is a motorcycle enthusiast with a very strong desire for speed.

Marko Trebec


Works at City Municipality of Kranj in a Department of Sports and Culture.

Football coach and Head of Youth Development School at Triglav Kranj Football Club.

Enjoys skiing, swimming and barefoot hiking.

Gregor Šivic


Owner of the Cafe bar in Tollhouse (Mitnica), the oldest house in Kranj.

Former handball player and skier, enjoys good food, likes hiking, cycling, supping and skiing.

Igor Eršte


Government Officier.
Specialising in information security.

Enjoys his own vineyard, likes cooking, reading books, travelling, hiking and skiing.

Simon Savski


Lawyer. Employed as a Security Advisor at the Ministry of Justice. Member of Slovenian National Police Sailing Crew.

Enjoys horseback riding, skiing and kayaking. Simon is a fan of active leisure in nature, enjoys traveling to remote regions in his camper van.